It is a goal of many Canadians to buy a house. It's my goal to help my clients make the best possible purchase or sale when they need it. The world of real estate is complicated, constantly evolving and down-right confusing to many. 

How to Buy a House:

There are many opinions on this. Once you start talking to your friends and family about your goal to buy you will receive their opinions based on their experience or the experience of their friends and family. We all know some horror stories related to real estate. Your experience will begin with setting expectations. What can you realistically afford to pay monthly and how much have you saved for a down payment? Your first appointment should be with a mortgage broker who will review your application and give you a clear understanding of how you stand financially and what steps to take in order to make your application stronger. 

I Will Save You Time:

Buying a property is not ordering online. Working with a Realtor means you have someone looking out for your best interests. Signing a Buyer's Agency Agreement with me or any other agent ensures the highest level of trust and confidentiality. I personally will not sign more than one buyer with matching search criteria so I can avoid potential conflicts of interest.