When you plan to sell a property, there are many ways to increase home value. Every buyer wants to get a deal, every seller wants to sell for the most possible. My job as your Listing Agent is to offer advice on how to increase the appeal of your home and to prevent the buyers from trying to find faults. 

As a seller, you have to present the property in the manner that it looks the best. When the property is bid on by multiple buyers, it always becomes beneficial for the seller. Everyone sets their price, and you get a chance to put your own price or choose whom you want to sell.

Few tips I gave to my clients

Keep the house clean. Nothing gives buyers the thought that there's something wrong with the house than a mess. If the sellers can't be bothered to clean the house that sends the message that home maintenance is not going to be up to date. 

It is better if your family photos are not around the home. You want the buyer to see the house in a way they can picture themselves in. 

Depersonize your art and collections. You want the potential buyers to imagine themselves in the home but they might be too busy wondering who owns all these guitars or who has this great taste in books. You don't want to make an impression with the stuff you'll be taking with you. 

I have seen in many houses where the kitchen is not very good and the seller thinks that an expensive upgrade is needed. The suggestion I gave them is simple, don't change anything but just maintain the cabinets and appliances. This little change will make your kitchen look good. A fresh coat of paint after a deep clean can do wonders. 

It is important to present a clean home to the buyers. Make sure to deep clean the house on your own or by hiring professional cleaners. Your bathroom and kitchen must look spotless. 

Make sure that all the lights in the home are working. If you have a lightswitch that operates an outlet plug a lamp into the outlet so people know its function when they try to turn it on. 

These are the little things and many others which can help in increasing the home value. It doesn't mean that you have to follow all the points. Once I inspect your home, I will give you my sincere opinion.