When you plan to sell your home, you want to have a home valuation done. This involves having a Realtor do some property research prior to a physical introduction to the home. 
The agent will be looking at your home from the perspective of a potential buyer. Curb appeal, exteriors and landscaping will be the first thing anyone sees so it is important to be ready to put your home's best foot forward. The agent will tour the home and be mentally comparing it to other homes in the market. We have likely been in your competitions homes already and know how buyers are going to compare yours. We can be objective in a way that is difficult for most sellers. 

The agent will review recent sales in the area for similar homes and will ask about any recent upgrades or maintenance done which could impact the value. They will likely ask that the home be "Depersonalized" which is deeper than it sounds. Beyond removing personal photos and such it is advisable to remove personal collections as well. I can't tell you how many of my buyers have been completely distracted by a collection of musical instruments, books, art or other way we personalize our spaces. It makes buyers think about the people who own these rather than the blank canvas they should be seeing in order to envision themselves living in the space. 

Pricing of the house

I want your to have the smoothest transaction as possible without leaving anything on the table. We will decide on price together with all the tools at my disposal, if I don't think I can sell your home for what you want I will tell you. I am not interested in listing anything that I know I can't sell.

Marketing of the property

Once we have all the paperwork done and the home is photo ready I will have professional photos, a video tour and drone footage (if possible in the area) done. I will know who we are targeting as potential buyers and will create a campaign to advertise to these buyers. I will also be giving my network of agents the heads up that your property is coming soon. If they have a buyer who has been missing out repeatedly they will be the first to book a showing. We will create a buzz around your home and give it the best possible chance of a quick sale for top dollar.