Renovations to your home prior to selling is not the same as renovating the home for yourself. 

Your agent will be able to advise you on the best "bang for your buck" ideas to help you appeal to more buyers. 

#1. Paint - This is usually a winner and relatively easy. I do suggest hiring a professional painter over DIY. You may think it's easy but you can always spot the difference during a viewing and doing it professionally always reflects well with the buyers. 

#2 Kitchen renovation - This is where most renovations start however, less can be more. If it's a matter of updating the fixtures and appliances it's advisable but if it's a larger project it may be best to consider a lower sale price so the potential buyers can renovate to their own taste. There a lot of buyers looking for something older that they can make their own. 

#3 Bathroom renovation/addition - If your older home only has one bathroom then adding another would greatly improve value. Otherwise the advise is similar to a kitchen renovation

#4 New roof - If it's time and you can afford it I do suggest getting a new roof before selling. It instills a lot of confidence in buyers. 

#5 New Hot Water Heater/Heat Pump - These are becoming must haves for many buyers now. Hot water on demand is a wonderful selling feature. 

The list can go on. Please let me know if you would like some professional advise on how to add value to your home and what pitfalls to avoid.